Why your stylists are the key to new clients!

A common theme we have found when speaking with small business owners is that the client list is a secret to be protected to the end! Like the colonels 11 herbs and spices recipe!

But honestly, the reasoning for this needs to be examined.

In the modern age, social media is queen. You can find nearly anyone in a few quick keystrokes…even without a full name!

So if a client wants to know where their favourite stylist is working now, they can already do so quite easily.

And that’s why when we developed The Cut, reverse engineering this was the key to the providing business owners access to untapped resources of new clients!

Your stylists are the key to the success of your business but they also have their own lives they live. Why not leverage the followings they have amassed online due to their totes amazing brunch photos, there yoga practice or super cute french bulldog?!
With The Cut’s unique stylist profiles, they can share their latest work whilst also advertising your salon!. Its a win-win for everyone!

So when one of your stylist’s does move on, don’t take it as a setback and try to protect their clientele from leaving but see this as a chance to hire a new Stylist using The Cut’s global stylist directory, who are going to bring their own tribe of fans to your business!

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