Tricks to finding the perfect stylist

It doesn’t matter whether you’re still on the hunt for your perfect stylist, or you think you’ve found them. There’s always going to be that time in your life when you need to find that perfect someone to look after your hair.

Before, the process involved a lot of guessing. You could find a salon that fit the bill, location, price and general vibe. But now, with The Cut we’re sure you can do one better, and find the perfect stylist.

Using The Cut, not only can you see how a salon stacks up against the rest, but how each stylist stacks up against each other as well.

Location and price aside, here’s what you can do:


Each stylist on The Cut has an average satisfaction rating that’s left by genuine customers. How are they genuine? Ratings can only be left two days after a cut is complete. This means that you know each person leaving a rating – is saying it how they feel it. Ratings are simple. Pick the highest one.


If the rating isn’t enough to sway you, have a look at what the stylist has to offer. Looking for a standard cut? Check out their previous work. Looking to re-colour? Check out their previous work. Whatever you’re after you can make the effort yourself to see how they do. See something you don’t like? Move on to the next one.

There’s plenty of ways to gauge a stylist on The Cut. Whatever your demands, we can almost guarantee you’ll be able to find what you’re after.

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