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The Cut

The Cut is the revolutionary new platform to help men and women find the perfect hair stylist. Its as easy as searching, booking and reviewing.
By developing a totally new and unique review system, the perfect hairstylist is only just around the corner. And with the simplicity of the booking system, you can see the stylist availability in real time and book at a time that's convenient to you.
Stylists will be able to upload photos of their work history, their skills and specialities and share their profile across social media to attract new clients.
Business owners will benefit from the very first employee performance data and have access to the one of the most advanced booking systems available, on any device.

The Cut

Who hasn't been in the situation where you just can't seem to find the perfect hair stylist?

I have one great example, my partner Emily. Every other month she would come home from trying a new stylist she found by googling or viewing reviews on that site (Rhymes with Welp) which were not helpful...after all they only reviewed the business, not the key ingredient, the Stylist!

So fast forward 4 years to June 2015 (How long we have lived in Melbourne after moving from Western Australia) and Emily still hadn't (she's been patiently waiting for the platform to launch) found her One. So she asked me, why can't I create a platform that will help her.
My response was surely there was something out there already...So I searched but there wasn't!

So I took the idea to our friends and what do you know, they also had the same problem. So then we went to complete strangers and guess what, they were also suffering.

I then realised this was a legitimate need and The Cut was born!

But it needed to be unique, to differentiate itself from the current recumbent alternatives. So we devised the revolutionary review system, where the most crucial player in your satisfaction, The Stylist, is the one getting the attention!

This was great news for women and men looking for the perfect hair stylist, they were going to get the best service ever. But what about the hardworking small business owners, what was going to be in it for them? So we asked them what their problems were and it turns there were a few. We figured out that everything which we were offering you, the clients, could be flipped to offer salon owners unprecedented features and time/money saving shortcuts.

The booking system, easy for clients to book the right stylist at the right time with no hassle and easy for the salon to keep track of their staffing requirements. The review system, which is used to provide the savvy salon owner with groundbreaking employee performance data.

The biggest advantage though, is access to The Cut's community of potential customers. All wanting to know about your business. The Cut is like having a dedicated PR team to promote your salon regularly to our followers across all social media.